Optimus Tactus

Side view of the Optimus Tactus concept

This idea is even cooler than the Optimus Maximus. I was reading through Engadget’s coverage of CES and ran across a photo gallery of Art Lebedev’s booth on the floor at CES and it reminded me of the article from just before the end of the year about this. Art Lebedev is calling it Optimus Tactus, hinting at it’s touch screen interface. While this is just a concept, its a pretty good idea that would allow for a extremely versatile input device. Not only could you configure the keyboard anyway you wanted, you could use it as a video display, or a color picker, or just about any arrangement that could be devised. The only concern I’ve got is that since it’s just a flat touch screen, how easy it would actually be to use as a full-scale keyboard since we are used to have something to push. I imagine we’d get used to the feel eventually.

Sign me up. And get me an Optimus Maximus while you’re at it.


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