And January Flew By

It must have just been a busy month or something.

  • Juno – Watched this touching and quirky story of adoption and growing up with a friend from school.
  • Macworld – The big announcement day for Apple aficionados. I’d sorta hoped something bigger than the Macbook Air would be released, but then now I can comfortably upgrade my PowerBook without worrying that something is released just after I’d moved to the next step.
  • My Birthday – Nothing particularly amazing, but the anniversary of my next year.
  • CYA Winter Conference – Drove out to IN with a bunch of friends (about 50) from PA (mostly Geneva) for the weekend. Amazing time of fellowship and learning.
  • Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 – First planning meeting. Currently scheduled for the last weekend of September. It’ll be fun to see what I can do to help out.
  • DevHouse Pittsburgh 2 – A group of programers get together to network and attempt to work on projects together. One was to be for a charity. I didn’t do much beyond be there, work on my server and chat. Though the 5 minute ‘lightning talks’ about various topics were a great idea.
  • Bodies – Met a friend to explore this intriguing exhibit at the Carnegie Science Center. Not something to take younger audience to view…amazing, queasy, gross and beautiful all at the same time.
  • Dick Montana Premiere – Theater showing of an independent film project directed by a friend. After a bit more polishing off, it’s to be available online.
  • Cloverfield – Monster movies aren’t necessarily my thing, but I think this was a well done take on how a ‘normal’ person would end up reacting to a monster situation.

The control roomOver the last month I’ve had a number of problems with my webserver not being online or just down. It’s hard to fix when it is 6 hours away and I can’t log in remotely to work on it. Sorry about that. I’m looking into what I can do to replicate and load balance the server so if it goes down in one place, there’d be another to visit. Sure, I could purchase co-loc hosting, but this is more learning (I think).

Work is going well, though quite busy. Another reason I haven’t posted much. I’ll try to do better.

This was taken at work not too long ago. If you look closely there’s 9 computers running. Kind of a web programming war room/control center. =)


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