A Dream I Remember

Last night I dreamed. First time I remember some of what I dreamed about in a long time. I’m certain it was influenced by the books I’ve just finished reading (which I’m going to post a review of soon) and In The Name Of The King (not really worth watching, but at least it was only $1.50).

I watched the heroine sneak into a foreboding castle to scout out who she needed to defeat and rescue. She ended up attacking and at least wounding one of the two or three main enemies because the opportunity was too good to miss. Eventually she ran into the head honcho and fled an attack, having been surprised that her opponent knew magic of some sort.

After making it back to camp, the next morning/day she brought along her two sons for a less sneaky attack. She sent them each in opposite directions to deal with the lesser of their opponents while she headed for the head person again. This time, from across the courtyard, she sighted a friend (who’d been killed in a previous encounter with the enemy) coming down the stairs but there was some sort of green glow about the friend. Recognizing that there was something strange going on, she attacked with her disk shooting crossbow (probably the cwellan from the Symphony of Ages books). Upon scoring a hit, the apparition of her friend fell and the main antagonist stepped out of the doorway at the top of the stairs. She sees an even more fleeting glimpse of her friend as a spirit but the friend is somehow chained/tied to her. The main enemy taunts her about having failed her friend in the past and doing so again this time, so she decides to free her friend and enable freedom to depart this world.

And that’s about all I remember. It was pretty vivid. It would have to be for me to remember even this much. Though perhaps it needs a bit of background story to make sense of what happened.

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2 Responses to “A Dream I Remember”

  1. February 24, 2008 at 15:11

    Wow, I don’t remember a half my dreams as well as this. Great details!

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