Rhapsody, Prophesy, and Destiny

Symphony of Ages booksI recently finished the first three books of the Symphony of Ages series by Elizabeth Haydon (which act as a trilogy but seem like they were supposed to be just one book). In slightly more than 2000 pages, we get to learn about the world that Haydon has described and how they deal with wars and natural cataclysm. It has all the necessary elements of a fantasy story: magic, nearly immortal peoples, dragons, wars, etc. Like the best ones such as LOTR by Tolkein and Dragondrums by McCaffery. The genesis of the world is based in the 5 elements and the different races tied to the elements (and the races decended from them). From earth came the dragons, fire sprang the evil, spirit-like F’dor, water the Mythlin, air the Kith and from ether came the Seren. The various ages of history each break at a key turning point. The Rhapsody trilogy describes the events occurring at the end of the fifth age.

Music is very important to the story (as well as the author). Rhapsody is a Skysinger Lirin and through song can Name things, changing or controlling people and nature by knowing their true names. She starts this whole journey by accidentally renaming one of her two companions and thus breaking the control over him by the F’dor. A prophesy foretells that Three will arrive late and help solve the troubles with the F’dor that the remenant didn’t really know they had. Lasting love is also another major component. I didn’t see the whole picture until I’d finished all three books, but suffice it to say through a bit of time travel that Rhapsody fell in love as a girl and even after 14 centuries had passed during the Three’s initial journey she still wed the same man. As I gather it, the next three have to do with Rhapsody’s son who has the ability to travel about in time.

I quite enjoyed these books. Nice, epic reading along the similar lines as Tolkien and C.S. Lewis but not as obviously related as the Inheritance trilogy by Christopher Paolini. Haydon’s writing isn’t hard to follow and there weren’t too many odd surprises. I look forward to finding the 6th book and reading the next trilogy set.

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