This is my three-hundredth post here on my blog. Sure it’s not as amazing as 500 or 1000 or some other fantastic number, but I’ve been writing here for a while nonetheless. Besides the movie 300 was totally over the top (particularly when viewed in IMAX). And now, what to say for today? I thought I might put a list of my top three-hundred artists overall by number of tracks played from Last.fm but decided to divide by ten instead.

Out of 107,000 tracks played (and submitted), my Top 30 Artists Overall

4897 Nickel Creek
3327 Mannheim Steamroller
2520 Rascal Flatts
2363 Hayley Westenra
2217 Sean Watkins
2203 Thomas Newman
1900 Hans Zimmer
1817 Howard Shore
1677 Johann Sebastian Bach
1590 Chris Thile
1547 Trevor Rabin
1484 Enya
1437 James Horner
1338 The Cambridge Singers
1238 Ronan Hardiman
1200 John Williams
1138 The King’s Singers
1088 Josh Groban
988 Wendy Carlos
982 Randy Edelman
947 Melinda K. Wickham
903 Glen Phillips
862 Glenn Gould
852 Charlotte Church
845 Mutual Admiration Society
820 Hilary Duff
802 Michelle Branch
760 Boston Camerata
738 Eastmountainsouth
731 Vienna Boys Choir

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