Yahoo Pipes and SXSW

My friend Rachel has gone to the SXSW conference in Austin, TX. She and another blogger also attending are blogging and twittering, etc. their experience. They are doing a combined blog, but with separate feeds. I’ve been wanting to try out Yahoo Pipes for a long time but didn’t have a good reason so this was a great excuse to utilize it. And since I couldn’t go, sort of vicariously ride along with them.

I combined both blog feeds, both of their twitter feeds and Rachel’s Flickr feed. There are many useful and handy modules to use to tweak, combine and adjust the various options and parts of the feeds. The most useful one I found to be regex which allowed modification of the titles so it would be clear which feed the item came from. It took a while, mostly because I was trying various things out. The interface is nice, easy to use, drag and drop with ‘wires’ to connect each module together. Pipes is extremely powerful even letting you modularize one pipe and use it in others, with configuration if you want.

A similar service, pointed out to me this morning is Dapper.com. I only briefly tried it out but didn’t find it able to combine various feeds with as much tweaking and configuration as Pipes. Perhaps I didn’t try hard enough. One thing it does seem to do well is take sites that use parameters and create a feed out of normal pages. Useful in the right circumstances.

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