“Daylight Saving” Protest

Polar ClockHere is what’s becoming my twice annual (that’s biannual, right?) complaint about the practice of fooling with clocks. Having grown up in the Hoosier state (Indiana) and not having to deal with Daylight Saving until moving to Pennsylvania (though Indiana just recently started switching), it’s really quite difficult to get the why of it. Sure I’ve done research to figure out the various explanations and studies, etc. the government uses to convince us that it’s the best thing for us. But I’m not convinced. Really. You’re not saving anything, at all.

For the moment, I’m protesting by not switching any of my clocks. In fact, I tweaked the timezone on my computers so they wouldn’t switch. The only one I haven’t put on Eastern Time is my cell phone because it does the time automatically. I’m even thinking about keeping my same schedule, but I don’t think work would like that particularly much.

If you want to have a longer day, just get up earlier!

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