I originally picked up the DVD of Spartan from Half Price Books thinking it was something else and I finally got to watching it this week. It was just sitting on my shelf because I was kind of afraid of what it might be about (somewhat irrationally of course). I think the summary on the back didn’t help much.

Anyway, Val Kilmer plays Scott, a black ops/Ranger/Marine type who is tasked with finding the missing college student daughter of a political figure (can’t remember what office, but there was security involved, maybe even Secret Service). His team gets on her kidnapper’s trail, with all appearances that she’d been shipped overseas to a prostitution ring. Just as they were about to head to rescue her, the team is called off because she’d supposedly been found dead off the coast.

When the family was mourning her, Scott runs across evidence that she wasn’t actually dead and rather than follow the regular channels, because he’d be rejected, Scott finds a back way to get to the place where she was being held. Once she had been found, as they were leaving, a team involved in the original search arrived to forcefully prevent them from returning to the US. It doesn’t come out in public, but the girl’s father had come to town to philander with a mistress and his advisors decided that it would be better that the girl be perceived as dead rather than the public find out his infidelity.

It is sad to see that several people died along the way, just to rescue and save one girl. So the public sees that she’d been found and everything is all right, but behind the cameras and bright lights is a different truth. Makes you wonder. Perhaps that’s another reason I don’t consume traditional media.

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