Lots of Music

The other day, one of the guys at work was talking about using Rhapsody to expand the available music he could listen to. And I mentioned that I’m quite happy with the amount I have…plenty to keep me from getting bored and listening to the same thing all the time.

So, here’s an iTunes list meme I saw Cindy and Uncle Crappy post recently. Clearly I need to do some cleanup. Of course this list is way skewed because I had to rebuild my library after the hard drive in my Powerbook died. So I did my list on my desktop too, not quite as mis-arranged. Though I have a lot of synching to do to get things about the same. Someday I’ll write a program that will let you use a laptop as a portable media player such as an iPod and check out some songs from the master drive.

My iTunes Library by the Numbers

Powerbook (Vega) Desktop PC (Polaris)
7088 items, 17:15:20:37 total time (17.6 days), 27.86GB 5060 items, 12:21:55:30 total time (12.8 days), 20.84GB
First and Last Songs (by title):
A1-A Rumor in St. Petersburg (from Anastasia)
“Abandoned in the Woods” by John Williams
“76 Trombones” by Boston Pops Orchestra
Sort by Time – shortest and longest:
“Rapid Suction Beeps” by Lou Bender (00:06) [a sound effect!]
“08072005pm” (1:34:05) [a podcast]
“Untitled” by Garth Brooks (00:07) [applause]
“–0 – 08072005pm” (1:34:05) [apparently the same podcast]
Sort by Album – first and last:
Achados e Perdidos, Curumin
360 – Single, Josh Hoge
A.I.: Artificial Intelligence Soundtrack
98 Degrees and Rising
Sort by Artist – first and last:
1000 Generations
Aaron Copeland
98 Degrees
Top Five Most Played:
“Ave Maria,” Joshua Bell
“Apres un Reve, Op. 7, No 1,” Joshua Bell
“Rusalka: Song to the Moon,” Joshua Bell
“Songs Without Words, Op. 62, No. 1: May Breezes,” Joshua Bell
“Siete Conciones Populares Espanolas: Nana (Bercuese),” Joshua Bell
“Dark Waltz,” Hayley Westenra
“Across the Universe of Time,” Hayley Westenra
“Beat of Your Heart,” Hayley Westenra
“Never Say Goodbye,” Hayley Westenra
“Spancil Hill,” Carnival of Souls
Find the following words. How many songs show up?
Sex: 3 (Two being the “Sussex Carol”)
Death: 10
Love: 179
You: 427
Home: 104
Boy: 135 (Lots from the Vienna Boy’s Choir)
Girl: 63
Sex: 2
Death: 4
Love: 178
You: 352
Home: 44
Boy: 67
Girl: 53
First five songs that come
up on Party Shuffle?
“LM19- Eric to the Rescue,” The Little Mermaid Soundtrack
“God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen,” Alert Chorale
“Contrapunctus 10, a 4, alla Decima,” Johann Sebastian Bach
“Cadence,” Alert Chorale
“Finding You,” Don Harriss
“While You Were Sleeping,” Casting Crowns
“My Beloved Monster,” Eels
“Epilogue – The Deep And Timeless Sea,” James Horner
“Goyescas, Book 1 (Quejas o La Maja y El Ruisenor),” Enrique Granados
“The Ashoken Farewell/The Contradiction,” Celtic Woman

Now, it’s your turn. What’s on your playlist?

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