Astronaut Farmer

The Astronaut Farmer is a new favorite movie of mine that I watched Thursday evening. Not an all-time favorite, but certainly up there. Sure it wasn’t an amazing movie, but it’s about fulfilling dreams and most importantly, space.

Charles Farmer*, is a retired NASA astronaut who missed out on going to space because he left to care for the family farm when his father died. His dream is to circle the earth in outer space, so he builds a rocket from the parts found at rocket junkyards. And despite significant obstacles such as debt, family arguments and federal opposition, Farmer sticks to his dream. Even when he fails and tries to do it on his own without the family to help, they believe in him and help him back on target.

Overall, a fairly well done film. Various things probably could have been better. It did have the slightly cliche feel of an independent film**. But still worth watching at least a couple times.

*Not the most creative name in all of film
** For example: in the obligatory cop chase, there are at least 8 cars involved. Unless it’s an really long chase, I can’t think of more than 2 actually on the chase. One of my pet peeves of film.

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