Reasons to Get Out of Web Development

Here’s five I thought of tonight.

  1. Internet Explorer 6
  2. Internet Explorer 6
  3. Internet Explorer 6
  4. Internet Explorer 6
  5. Internet Explorer 6

Seriously, Internet Explorer 6 is a major pain. Every other browser pretty much just works. Why can’t people figure out that IE6 is way outdated and use better, faster browsers like Firefox, Opera or Safari? I keep threatening to find some way to write a virus that completely disables IE6 and forces the victim to use another browser. Highly unlikely to ever happen, but a wish that IE would go away nonetheless.


1 Response to “Reasons to Get Out of Web Development”

  1. March 19, 2008 at 09:59

    While writing a virus is always a seemingly cool idea, and if you did you would be pretty famous. It might be more helpful to mankind if you wrote IE X. Yes just copy the apple model and go right to versions X. Never move past it just stay there for a long time. Because lets face it X is a pretty sweet number (numeral, whatever).

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