Officially Spring, Portfolio Review and Full Moon

Today was the confluence of several things. Most importantly it’s the official first day of spring. And except that it was in the 30-40’s much of the day, the sky was beautiful and the sun was out. Improvements over yesterday for sure.  Though the forecast doesn’t look particularly promising of an upturn in temperature over the weekend, surely soon. Can’t wait for winter to be gone like the melted snow.

This afternoon was the AiP portfolio review at Soldier’s and Sailor’s in Oakland for everyone who graduated this quarter. I was able to get over about mid-afternoon and spend a couple hours perusing everyone’s displays. Tiffany arrived at about the same time I did so we explored most of the portfolios together. It was a good time to absorb some interesting and good design ideas as well as congratulate as many as I know on their graduation.

Tonight is also the full moon which is great because it was clear out, and if it weren’t so cold I’d probably take a peek out on the back deck at the stars*. It’ll be nice to have the company of the moon tomorrow night when I’m driving back home to Indiana. Happy spring!

*That reminds me, I need to figure out or define a passion/hobby/something. It seems like everyone has some sort of thing. And I don’t exactly have one thing just a bunch of various things. But I’m kind working on it.

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