No Votes for You

Well, I guess I won’t be voting in the Pennsylvania April primary this year. While I was home over the weekend, my parents and I talked about how to address permanent residency and other factors related to my living out here in Pittsburgh. Mom suggested that I strongly consider registering to vote in PA and I remembered that the deadline for voter registration is today. I figured I would just register online (since it makes sense that things like that would be doable from some website).

So, when I was reminded again tonight while scanning the Pennysaver, I went to go register. Apparently, due to some bugs in their code*, it was possible to view personal information such as driver’s license number and Social Security number. Figures. There’s no way to have postmarked or made my way to the local office now that the deadline has passed. Oh, well. I guess I’ll get an absentee ballot for IN and vote in the May primary. And work on getting those voter registration forms submitted to PA.

*I suppose I’m not exactly surprised after seeing that the site uses .Net (.aspx files). =P

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