Photoshop Express

Genevans Spring 2008Beginning on Wednesday this week I began reading reports about Adobe releasing Photoshop Express from C|Net, Wired and others. I loaded up their trial briefly on Thursday, but today finally had a chance to actually use it. Photoshop Express is a Flash 9 based image editor offering basic cropping, image modification and filters – all online and accessible on any platform and browser that supports Flash. Two gigabytes of storage is available for free to users. But the most intriguing feature I’d noticed initially is simple login access to Facebook, Picasa and Photobucket images. The above photo I took with my new Centro during the Genevans concert this evening and uploaded it to Facebook. The camera is only a 1.3Mp so it’s not the greatest quality and I thought I’d use this image as a test of what Photoshop Express can do.

As a full scale Photoshop user, Express is simple and offers only a tiny fraction of the options available in the full version. Still, I’m fairly impressed. For example, one of the tweaks is white-balance. The site processes previews for each of the six presets so when you hover over the thumbnail it shows the full-size preview. You just click the option to select it. There are options to undo, reset individual filters and reset to original. Curious, I sent the same image to my Powerbook so I could try the comparable editing with Photoshop. It took me about the same amount of time to tweak it similarly (having a lower quality starting image doesn’t help).

I imagine that soon Adobe will be offering Express as an Air installation to allow that same basic editing to be done offline. Also, I haven’t tried the other web based image editors out there so I can’t say where this fits in comparison to the competition, but since it’s web based it is quite easy to upgrade and add features immediately for everyone.

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