Quatro de Mayo

Where, oh where, did April go? I was planning to write this fun alphabet story based as an episode of a short story I’ve already written but ended up getting stuck trying to figure out the conflict to solve. I really need to find someone to brainstorm with here in PGH since I’m six hours away from my mom (whom I normally brainstorm with). I’m going to continue to think about and eventually write it. Maybe I’ll end up just posting it here as I come up with it and eventually it will be done.

Taxes were a bother to get filled out this year, much like last year. But at least this time I didn’t try the reciprocal state thing and instead just “changed residency.” And interestingly, the amount I get back from federal taxes is about equal to what I owed the states.

The last couple weekends I’ve gone to several art openings and shows which I’ll write about separately. But since my last post, I did end up taking a few photos of the interior of the office. We’re still working on getting things unpacked and arranged so I’m sure eventually it will look different/more moved into.

My Desk     The reception area     Office Area     

1 Response to “Quatro de Mayo”

  1. 1 Ben
    May 6, 2008 at 11:38

    looking forward to hearing about the art opennings.

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