Summer Brings New Things

This weekend was the Summer Solstice, so now it’s officially summer. =) And I’m finally moved into a new apartment about 0.67 miles (if my bike computer is to be trusted) away from the last place I was at and that much closer to work. Took essentially all day Saturday with the final loads brought up at about 1 am. Plus, for some unknown reason I wasn’t feeling on top of the world so that compounded things. Gratefully a friend from school and her husband were able to come help me move the big stuff in their rented truck (which was all that was available when they went to rent something due to their poor minivan having caught fire last week).

Tonight, while riding home from the PCPGH3 planning meeting in Bellevue, I saw a myriad of fireflies. Shiny! I think they must have been waiting to come out until Summer (or I just haven’t been looking for them). The weather today was gorgeous so I had decided to ride my bike both to work and then on to the meeting. Really need to be biking more, first for exercise and second to be in shape for a 300 mile ride I’m hoping to go on in July. We shall see.

Here’s a few photos of my new place in its state of disarray due to my indecision of how to use the various rooms and where to put things.

hallway     deck     bedroom     dining room     kitchen


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