Softball = Fun

Tonight was game four for the Pittsburgh Sports League softball team I’m on with a bunch of other greater Pittsburgh area new media people. The origin of the team came when tehjim asked on Twitter what softball position each would want to play. I guess there was enough feedback that it was clear there’d be enough people to play so here we are, playing. As the Yinz Team, in gold.

We definitely aren’t there to win at all cost, but to have fun. It’s been quite the hoot playing with the loudest team and getting soundly beaten every time so far. Which I attribute to this being our first time playing as a team and that we (generally) aren’t particularly athletic. In fact, tonight we lost 0-18 but stayed around and chatted until the 9:00 game was about to start. Many of the other teams seem to take it just a bit too seriously. Nonetheless, we seem to be doing better as we go along – if only we could get a few more runs so that the game would go a bit longer than five innings.

Go Yinz Team!


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