Fourth: Fireworks and Family

I don’t know why this has taken me so long to sit down and finish this, but for some reason it’s been a week…oh, well. My parents decided to come out to visit me in my new apartment for the Independence Day weekend* and brought my four youngest siblings with them**. They arrived in time for dinner Friday, then we drove over to my office building to watch the downtown fireworks.

As we had some time, I showed them around the office space itself since they’d not seen where I work now that W|W has moved. Shortly before 9:30, we went up onto the roof to watch the fireworks. The owner of the building was apparently hosting a party, so we stayed behind and out of the way. I think this was the first 4th of July fireworks I’ve seen in Pittsburgh since I’ve been out here. While we had a fairly good point of view, the smoke from the explosions blew our general direction and obscured somewhat the best view. There were also lasers added to the mix, in addition to being the show synchronized to a music track played over one of the local radio stations. I didn’t take any photos, myself, as my camera doesn’t do well in the dark and my dad brought his Canon DSLR.

Saturday we did a lot of work cleaning my apartment (see my floorplan on the right). It started out relatively clean when I first moved in, but really needed a solid ‘spring-cleaning’ to get rid of the fine bits of dirt in various places. Mom and I went shopping for various cleaning materials and stuff that I didn’t have yet in my collection. The windows were cleaned inside and out, the floor in the kitchen (under both the refrigerator and stove), vacuumed the carpets, &c.

On Sunday we went to North Hills RPC as I usually do. I really wanted to play softball in the afternoon with the rest of the Yinz Team***, but decided that the best choice would be to spend time with my family since they’d come out out here to spend time with me. We ate lunch at Bob Evans, stopped by my previous place to pick up a couple things I’d left, and went back to my apartment for the remainder of the afternoon. Helped them pack up then we stopped by Rita’s to see what they offer in the way of frozen dessert before I sent them on their way back to Indy (since dad and my sister had to be back for work on Monday). Good stuff, have to go back again. =)

*Since I’d decided it would be best as well as most cost-efficient to stay here in Pittsburgh rather than spend the $120 it’d take to get home to Indy.

**The other three — two are married and one is in southern Indiana for school and summer work.

***This week another team had a bye week and we could definitely use the practice so a game was set up for the afternoon.

1 Response to “Fourth: Fireworks and Family”

  1. July 14, 2008 at 23:46

    How great is that!? The family shows up to visit and you get to have a really good, deep cleaning your place like only a mom can. It makes me feel good for days after mine visits and we conquer… something. (Usually, painting a room.)
    Glad I stopped by, I noticed you on Plurk! I’ll check back!

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