Bike Trip Day One – Indianapolis to Kokomo

Having arrived Indianapolis at about 3am, I slept in a bit and then met up with one of the bike groups on the way up the Monon Trail. While I did miss the first 15 or so miles of the trip I had a few things to take care of before I left for the next week and a half.

Throughout the day, I ended up joining different groups after breaks or stopping to take care of a flat tire. This particular trip (the third time I’ve done it) is especially fun because three of my youngest siblings are riding as well.

I was able to ride with my younger sister a lot of the way; hopefully she was encouraged along the way to keep going. She is six months younger than my brother was when he went on the trip four years ago, so it will be quite the personal accomplishment for her. I planning to do my best to help her achieve that goal.

There were times when I wondered about being too tired to keep pedaling or when my hands (for some reason) fell asleep. In the end we made it successfully the approximately 65 miles to Kokomo and had a cookout dinner – good stuff. No one was seriously hurt and while some groups got lost the worst was about 8 miles out of the way. Well, I’m going to crash as we have an eighty-five mile stretch to go tomorrow and we’re getting up at 6 to take advantage of the cooler morning.

I took a few photos, but don’t have time to post them now. Maybe tomorrow lunch or later in the evening.


2 Responses to “Bike Trip Day One – Indianapolis to Kokomo”

  1. July 17, 2008 at 07:38

    Sounds like a great start to an amazing trip. Looking forward to the photos!

    (BTW, I tried putting my OpenID in this comment, and it failed — even though of course my OpenID is working fine elsewhere. Maybe a glitch in your plugin or Firefox or something. Just a heads-up.)

  2. July 17, 2008 at 10:24

    I’d love to see pictures from the trip, especially any you shot in Kokomo. The Wife worked at the paper there for about a year in the mid-1990s — I haven’t been there since she returned to Pittsburgh, but I’d love to see a few photos. Did you get to see the steer? And the stump?

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