Bike Trip Day Two – Kokomo to Nappanee

Today was (hopefully) the longest day of the trip…85 miles! I volunteered to help with the slow group partly because I knew my sister would probably join that group. We left Kokomo about 7:30 and headed on North. After a while on country roads, we hopped on the Nickel Plate Trail which after a small detour, was a quite pleasant, shady ride into Peru. Especially since the last couple miles is a 2% downhill grade.

Didn’t stay much longer in Peru than just to group everyone up and make sure no one was lost. Eventually made it, over hills and past Amish and in the scorching sun, to the town of Mentone for a 2pm lunch. After sixty something miles. That left about 25 miles or so remaining to Nappanee. We’re staying at this amazingly huge church in what looks to be the room for the youth worship, hard to say for sure.

Overall, today seemed a bit more tiring. I know I was flagging a bit near the end and my hands and behind hurt. Other than that, a good ride. Going to bed now so we can be up at 6 again.*

* I took a few less photos today and will eventually post them, but not now.

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