Bike Trip Day Three – Nappannee to Kalamazoo

The third day began as another hot, scorching day.* Our first fifteen miles were quickly covered to arrive at the Evansville church for a meet up and short break. It seems like it was relatively soon after that when we crossed over into Michigan. We rode for a short time on State Line Road, then turned north again.

Our route led us up (and down) more hills, though I think that the way we traveled this time around was overall less hilly than previous trips. By late afternoon, when we were about five miles or so from the church we stayed in for the night, the weather had cooled and actually began to drizzle just a bit.  Which was a nice way to end the day.

Today was more tiring so I really just went to bed instead of writing. Somewhere along the line today or yesterday, the start/stop button the my bike computer stopped working so I don’t have a good idea how far the trip was today. Oh, well.

Here’s a few photos:

* With the conference and being quite tired…then getting sick and being busy, I’ve finally written this up – and back dated it so that it is on the right day.


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