Indiana State Fair

State Fair logo carved into a massive pumpkinI really enjoy going to the Indiana State Fair, so when I had the opportunity to make a hyper-quick trip home last weekend for an event at The Children’s Museum, I decided that it was worth it. Normally I try to have at least a couple reasons to come home for the weekend, with the cost of fuel being so ridiculously high and the length of time it takes to drive. I’d hoped to be able to find someone else to go with me, but everyone I’d asked was busy or something so I went to the Fair by myself. Which was probably better for me anyway as I could explore at my own pace.

My favorite parts of the Fair may not be the ones you might expect considering this is a State Fair with animals, exhibits, food and midway. Since I was a ten-year 4-H’er, I particularly enjoy looking through the 4-H exhibits, especially the ones that I did: Photography, Arts & Crafts, Electric, Rocketry and Weather. I also like to see the cake decorating, woodworking and other artsy projects. This year wasn’t any different. I found many projects that were quite creative and unique. Didn’t locate projects by anyone I knew, but I suspect that I probably just missed seeing them. It isn’t super clear from my photo, but this tiered cake to the right is completely Candy Land themed — totally a fun idea for a cake. I don’t usually find anything interesting to me in the sewing project section, but I saw this amazing dress that I know a couple friends would just love to have. It looks like it would fit right in during Elizabethian England or something. And to think the seamstress made it this detailed herself.

The next building I enjoy wandering through is the Home and Family Arts building. This is a place where those who don’t have 4-H projects to show can display their skills in various crafts including: painting, sculpture, antiques, photography, sewing and many others. While I did look at the entire building, my favorite sections are the photography and the amateur and professional art. I did run across a couple photos taken by someone I know – good ones. Would have taken a photo or two of pictures that caught my eye but the professional photography section had signs up requesting no photos, so I didn’t take any. There were several paintings, like this one, that I thought were particularly well done. If I had cash there might have even been one that I would have considered purchasing. But originals tend to be pretty expensive.

The last building I explore is the Commercial building. This is where various companies and vendors set up booths to make their wares and information available. This year I didn’t really find anything particularly interesting. Maybe I just didn’t see something that was, but I’m not in the market for a hot tub or cookware or a new car.

I’m not so particularly into animals, so this year I didn’t go that direction at all. Picked up some saltwater taffy for my brother and a package of car waxing stuff for another brother. And since I’m cheap I didn’t even have any of the traditional fair food — things like elephant ears, fried twinkies, or lamb burgers. But that’s all right, it was a good time anyway. Hopefully I can sneak out again next year.


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  1. September 8, 2008 at 08:17

    We had the county fair in my hometown every year so it basically was something you spent most of the week attending. I haven’t been back since basically moving to Pittsburgh in 2000.

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