Friday 5 — Podcamp PGH 3 v1

I’ve been doing the Friday 5 recently, but with Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 coming up in just a few weeks, we’ll take a detour. And in honor of this being the third Podcamp in Pittsburgh, we are doing three questions instead of five. I might go ahead and answer the ‘official’ Friday 5 later—we shall see.

1. What brought you to Social Media and what keeps you hanging around?
I began writing and posting to my blog in 2004 when I went on a bike trip and wanted a way to easily post pictures and write a bit of a journal. Previously, I had dabbled with web design (as early as 1998) and had always enjoyed working on computers. So I did everything myself: built the server, installed Gentoo Linux, set up WordPress, and figured out how to connect my domain dynamically.

Being able to bridge the gap between virtual “friends” and real friends is possibly the biggest reason I enjoy the social part of Social Media. I write my blog, not really for anyone in particular but more as a public journal sort of thing to share what I am doing with others.

2. Which social networking tool gives you the shakes when it’s not updated or is experiencing down time? (Podcasts, Blogs, Micro-blogging, etc)
I’d have to go with my website. Since I host it myself, it’s relatively prone to power outages (even though I have a UPS on it), domain pointing troubles and getting shut off accidentally.
3. What kind of insight could you offer to others on a topic at PCPGH3? If none, then what do you most want to hear more about?
Find your voice and stick with it. Make friends in your in-real-life community and, if you can, find ways to extend your friendship beyond the virtual community. I’ll be doing a session about photography and while I’m not a pro, hopefully we’ll all learn in the process. If you haven’t registered for PCPGH3, be sure to check out the website for more information and tell us you’re going to be there.


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