We’ll Miss You, Michael Crichton

A couple of my favorite authors have died fairly recently. Robert Jordan died last year in September and today, author Michael Crichton has died from his bout with cancer.

I can’t remember which of his books I read first, but it was probably his most famous book, Jurassic Park. His thrilling novels are so captivating that many have been made into blockbuster films. They cover a diverse range of topics including cloning, time travel, nanotechnology, viruses, alien invasion and gold theft.

Crichton was one of several authors whose books I collect. I currently own most, but not all of his novels (see the photo of my shelf below). His imagination, adventure and keen sense of describing where technology might be going in the near future as well as unique looks at the past will certainly be missed. I look forward to reading his final book when it is posthumously published next year.


1 Response to “We’ll Miss You, Michael Crichton”

  1. November 9, 2008 at 22:03

    Your bookshelf is a tidy tribute to Mr. Crichton’s awesomeness. It made me smile to see it. :o)

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