Friday 5 — Middles

Friday 5 for this week is as middle of the road as Friday fives go. =)

1. What usually marks the middle of your day?
My coworkers querying each other about what or where lunch is to be.
2. From whom (or to whom) was your most recent middle-of-the-night phone call?
Probably one of my brothers calling to get computer help or gas prices.
3. On what social, political, economic, or moral issue are you in the middle of the road?
I can’t really think of an issue I’m middle ground on. Maybe there is and it’s just not coming to mind. Those sorts of things I pretty much have a definitive opinion. Now making life decisions, that’s another matter altogether. I tend to waffle and weigh the pros and cons too long and end up either making a decision by default or wondering if the decision I did make was really the best one.
4. How likely are you to give someone your middle finger?
Zero percent likely. Profanity and rude gestures aren’t in my vocabulary. There’s always some better way to express dismay or dislike.
5. When were you last caught in the middle of a disagreement that really had nothing to do with you?
Probably something between my siblings and my parents. Since I’m not at home disagreements generally don’t effect me, though I may end up hearing both sides.

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