Creative Writing 3 – Walking Away

Dawn asks:

Along with your regular responses to who this is and what is going on in the picture, be sure to address two things:  1)  Is he/she coming back?  and 2) Associate a song/audio with this image in some way.  In other words, create the soundtrack for this moment.

It was time to say goodbye. I didn’t know that Genevieve had a boyfriend in Colorado. It’s so hard to watch her walk away from me, to send her on her way to a new and better future—for what might be the last I ever see her. I mean, she was one of my best friends. Her sunny smile would just brighten the whole place when she came into a room.

She told me she was leaving at our favorite coffee shop on Second Street that day back in late September. I though we were just meeting to hang out and catch up with each other from the past couple days. I hope I didn’t look too shocked.

After we hugged and I said, “Bon voyage,” I watched her turn and put on her jacket as she headed to the bus stop to go home and pack. Pulling out my cell, I tried to take a quick photo to remind me of her. I called her name to catch her looking back at me, but by the time my phone was ready—*Click*—she’d turned away again.

Every time I look at my last picture of her, it reminds me of this one song, maybe you’ve heard it, On Your Way sung by Eastmountainsouth. “…if he loves you like I love you, then I can send you on your way…” I miss you Gen. Come and visit me soon. I hope he takes care of you.

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