Comeback Season

With the Colts winning their game against the Steelers yesterday, it reminded me that I really ought to finish up this book review post.

Back in April I finally got around to finishing Comeback Season: How I Learned To Play the Game of Love, by Cathy Day. I first heard of Comeback Season after Cindy read and reviewed the book. Then after meeting Cathy at Blogfest 13, I bought both her books and later attended her reading at a local book store.

In this modern dating memoir, Cathy shares a fictional account of her experience as a single professional woman, an expatriate Hoosier and Colts fan living and looking in Steelers Pittsburgh. Being semi-autobiographical, she tells the story of how she deals with being unsure with trying to find dates through online dating services, the hassle she had with a brick-and-mortar dating service, and being frustrated with finding dates. All the while the Colts are making their way to the Super Bowl one game at a time. Her candid style of telling about her dating experiences is both fun and encouraging.

If you’ve never lived in or been to Pittsburgh, being a fan of any football team besides the Steelers can be difficult at best because it seems everyone is a fan. So much that probably the most popular car color in Pittsburgh is black which then is festooned with Steelers stickers and such. They’ll even wear Steelers jerseys to the Penguins games — likely because both team colors are the same. I’m not much of a sports fan of any variety, but I am still a Hoosier at heart so I root for the Colts in spite of the overwhelming near-rabid Steeler fans.

When I heard the premise of the book I was particularly excited to find out how a fellow Hoosier had fared in Pittsburgh beginning about the same time I’d moved out to the city for school. I rather enjoyed the book which is even more interesting because I have been to, lived in or at least heard of most of the places Cathy talks about. Highly recommend the book, especially if you are a Hoosier living in Pittsburgh or someone looking for proof that women really are football fans. =)

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