A Bit About Millvale

Find details about the Neighborhood Walk on the Rust Belt Bloggers site as well as a list of others’ walks.

With my job, it makes it difficult to get outside and take photos of the neighborhood where I have my apartment as it’s dark when I get home. But I figured I’d take a few photos to give a quick glimpse what the street looks like from my second floor front deck.

I live on the main drag of Millvale, which is the first municipality/borough outside of Pittsburgh proper to the northeast. Even though I’ve been in Millvale for nearly a year, I honestly haven’t really explored a whole lot. Drive past but not actually stopping to visit the stores, shops and bars.

The borough has put a lot of work into re-working the street: repaving and painting lines, re-doing portions of sidewalk, and installing classic styled street lights, parking meters and signs. Probably my most favorite part of being in Millvale is the close proximity to the river trail. Being on the same side of the Allegheny River as the office makes it particularly convenient to bike to work without a whole lot of competition from motor traffic. I just have to get some cold weather gear so I can make the trip when it’s cooler than 40° and not freeze my fingers and toes.

Millvale seems to be a nice, cozy, if still trying to become a more classically modern small town. Since it’s pretty close to almost any place I go in the Pittsburgh area, I’m planning to stay for a while.


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