An Afternoon With Art & Bones

On the afternoon of September 27, after the Podcamp Plugin session at Northland Library, I finally was able to visit the Carnegie Museum of Art and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (which are actually in the same building/complex as part of the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh). I’ve had a membership for quite a while and figured it would be a good idea to at least visit once all the museums it allows entrance to. I was especially interested in the Life on Mars exhibit because I spent a couple months or so working on the website for the exhibit.

The museum building from across the street.

Entrance to the museum, with the signage proclaiming the Life on Mars exhibit in bold three-foot high letters.

This is probably one of the most favorite pieces in the exhibition, I Wish Your Wish by Rivane Neuenschwander. Each of the colored ribbons has some sort of wish written on them.

This is A sheet of paper on which I was about to draw, as it slipped from my table and fell to the floor by Ryan Gander. I was especially looking forward to seeing this piece in person. It’s made up of forty crystal balls laser-etched with a piece of crumpled paper in the interior, spread out on the floor (not the painting on the wall). The etchings looked like they are pixelated or at least made up of lots of little dots.

This is a view of several in the Kandor series by Mike Kelley. Apparently Kandor is the capital city of Krypton, Superman’s home planet, which got miniaturized.

I spent the majority of this trip exploring the art museum portion, but thought I would try to take a super-fast wander through the natural history part of the museum. Just to get a general idea of what all is actually there. The stars of the show of course are the dinosaur skeleton dioramas.

This may help give some bit of an idea of the scale of these Brontosaurs.

And probably the main attraction is the T-Rex vs. T-Rex display with some variety of flying dinosaur overhead. Definitely wouldn’t want to get in the way of these guys.

I really enjoyed exploring all these amazing resources, art and displays. Certainly going to have to go back and spend more time on different portions of the museum.


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