Refresh Pittsburgh — November

Tonight was quite possibly the best and most well attended Refresh Pittsburgh events I’ve been to. We met at the AlphaLab offices on the south side of Pittsburgh. They have a nice open middle portion of the space that works out quite well for medium to large group meetings. In all, about 40 people were there to hear our two presenters.

Val Head talked about the client-designer/developer relationship in a talk titled “Observations on Client Relationships.” In summary, there isn’t going to be the ‘perfect’ client, but with some work you can bring your relationship more towards a partnership level. This allows for better communication and less hassle on both sites.

Samantha Warren discussed Web typography in “Typography — Foundation of Good Web Design.” She is an enthusiastic web designer from DC who blogs at Bad Ass Ideas. One of the biggest differences between web and print typography is that on the web, type is in an interactive interface. This means things aren’t set in stone. It also means that there are much greater limitations. Samantha shared three ‘pillars’ of web typography: Legibility, Hierarchy and Expression. And to demonstrate some of her thinking processes, she gave an example of a particularly bad design and how she would redo it only utilizing type and textures.

Both of these were quite helpful to me in trying to think through how I will work with various freelance projects in the future.

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