Tweetup/PreDrive at the Mattress Factory

This month’s Pittsburgh Twitter meetup (or tweetup) occurred in combination with the Mattress Factory‘s opening reception for PREDRIVE: After Technology, an exhibit in the annex gallery, just down the block from the main museum space. Similar to the last gallery opening I attended at the Mattress Factory, those in social media (bloggers, etc.) were invited as press and were given free admission.

The three floor gallery became quite crowded rather quickly and it was difficult to determine who was there as a blogger, a twitterer or an art admirer. It wasn’t a fruitless effort however, as I was able to meet in person @mindbling and her friends, added a couple of others who I’d met previously but somehow missed following them on Twitter, and met at least one other Twitter user/blogger whom I had not previously known.

I didn’t pick up any material explaining which art pieces were part of the opening exhibit and which were permanent, so I’m just guessing that all the of the brightly colored, video and projection ones probably are the ones for the new exhibit. Generally everything on the first and second floors and one on the third. In the main room on the first floor, many of the pieces were constructed of loud colors, symbols and shapes. One was an amalgamation of various stereo equipment and speakers. Another looked like it was a programmed Rube Goldberg sort of visual and sound display.

On the second floor were two video pieces, the first appeared to be two separate (possibly live) television shows mapped to a three-dimensional blob shape. The other was a video which looked like it was of some neighborhood kids, but the artist emphasized the compression and artifacts significantly.

Found on the third floor are several pieces, one a curved space that looked like it was lit with near-UV light, but occasionally flashed and changed colors. Another was some sort of 3D rendered video. One was appeared to be a huge egg stuck into the room. And the last was something to do with the kitchen (didn’t really look as I’d run into some people to talk with at that point).

Overall an interesting experience, glad to meet and hang out with some people. Should have gone out afterward with my classmates from AiP who’d come to visit the exhibit but it was late and I wanted to try getting home to write stuff.

(Visit my gallery for the remainder of these photos)


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