Sad, Melancholy, Glad

Today just wasn’t that great of a day for many here in Pittsburgh. My emotional roller coaster has hit all the points from low to high today.


After work tonight, I found out that my grandfather died this morning. It wasn’t a particularly great shock as he’d been succumbing to alzheimers slowly over the past couple years and in the last few weeks had gotten noticeably worse. Still, I don’t think the fact that he’s gone has hit me yet.


This morning I learned that one of our favorite Pittsburgh bloggers has hung up the hat. The author of The Burgh Blog, PittGirl, had successfully stayed anonymous for the last three years but due to being discovered, she’s had to quit. She’d said from the beginning that if her anonymity ever was compromised she would stop immediately.

We’ll miss her random and somewhat snarky commentary on happenings in Pittsburgh, quirky nicknames for politicians and celebrities, hatred of pigeons and everything. Hopefully she’ll be able to start some new blog project and join the rest of the Yinz Team at Podcamps, Blogfests and other social mediæ events without fear of being unmasked.


This afternoon I was involved in conducting my first W|W content management system training. Sure I was a bit nervous, especially as I hadn’t built the site myself, but the CMS is consistent so once we began to go through its features things settled somewhat. The client was able to get how it works quickly and with a minimum of questions. At least we could start from the, “You know how to use M$ Word – you can use this” stage rather than having to begin with the, “What is this Internet you speak of?” stage. So this was pretty much the one bright event for the day.

1 Response to “Sad, Melancholy, Glad”

  1. November 19, 2008 at 10:59

    First, let me say I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather’s passing. Even when it’s expected, it’s a difficult thing to deal with. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Second, I love what you’ve been doing with the Homework assignments! Thank you for sharing your creativity and voice… that’s what makes these mini-projects so fun… 🙂

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