Friday 5 — Childhood Indulgences

This week’s Friday 5 assumes that most of us haven’t quite completely grown up or at least occasionally do childish things.

1. When did you last have a mid-day nap?
That would be last Sunday afternoon. It’s a nice time to catch up a bit on sleep over the weekend.
2. When did you last have milk and cookies?
While I was home in Indy for Thanksgiving, my mom got out ginger snaps and milk.
3. When did you last have a bubble bath?
Probably when I was a kid…haven’t had an official, proper bath in forever. Showers, though, all the time.
4. When did you last jump on the furniture?
Again, when I was a kid. I know I’m really too big to jump on furniture cause I might cause breakage.
5. When did you last play in the mud?
My brothers and I went to a friend’s the Friday night after thanksgiving and his brother-in-law had shot a deer early Saturday morning. We went off tracking it through the mud, bramble and fields…never did find it.

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