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This is the personal blog of, by and about Michael Fulk. You will find on this site mostly random bits of what I am doing, reviews of books, movies, etc. and occasional photos or art.

I work as an interactive developer for Wall-to-Wall Studios located on the North Shore of Pittsburgh. Mostly, I design and program websites for various large and small companies. I also do freelance web development under the name of Future Designs. When home in Indianapolis, I work in the planetarium at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. I run the planetarium shows and do some programming of the star projector for new shows.

I completed my Associate of Applied Sciences in IT-Multimedia from ITT-Tech in 2004. And a Bachelor’s degree in Interactive Media Design from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2007. In the past I’ve worked as a package loader for UPS, done finish construction and roofing, and Internet tech support for CharacterLink.

Most of the time I can be found working with my computers (I have 10 at last count), playing computer games when I get a chance, making digital art, singing in choir, reading books (commonly scifi and fantasy) and looking for cool designs. I also am interested in space and astronomy. In fact, I started to build my own telescope a few years ago (I wonder if I’ll ever finish it). =)

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