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Christmas is Coming

And now that it is after Thanksgiving, that means I’ve pulled out the Christmas music to listen to on my computer. At 1090 tracks, my Christmas playlist is a full seventh of my entire library (and I suspect I’m probably missing some to include). That’s about two and an eighth days worth of music without repeating individual tracks.

I like to use the Party Shuffle mode in iTunes so I can tweak the upcoming tracks but still be in shuffle mode. Of course there are many of the same Christmas song by different artists and groups, so I try to keep them from being back-to-back. But even if they aren’t, no big deal.

Some of my favorites are from the Indianapolis Children’s Choir (where my siblings sing), The King’s Singers, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and The Cambridge Singers. I also enjoy the early American, Renaissance, and Medieval songs. Probably my favorite Christmas song is Carol of the Bells — I count fifteen different versions in my iTunes— like this rendition by The Bird and The Bee:

What’s yours?

Snowflakes from Barkley’s cool Make-a-Flake.


Tracking and Touching

My brothers and I hung out at my friend’s farm last night and woke up this morning to the news that his brother-in-law had shot a buck down in the field, but it ran off. We were enlisted to see if we could find it. After a couple hours early in the morning they stopped for breakfast and then we all went out to take another crack at trying to find the buck. It had crossed over two roads and over a couple fields, through some woods and probably into a wetlands. We never did find it.

On our way back, we stopped in at the Apple store so my brother could get the USB power adapter for his iPhone replaced. I went so I could put my hands on the new Macbook and Macbook Pro. I’m liking the new ‘button-less’ trackpad, even though he doesn’t quite like it. When I get around to being able to upgrade, I’m probably going to pick me up one of those Macbook Pros.


I’m Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a few things I’m thankful for:

  • My car that lets me get back and forth from work and my apartment as well as home to Indianapolis
  • My family
  • All my friends in Pittsburgh and Indianapolis
  • My job that helps pay the bills and that I learn new things every day

Hope your thanksgiving was a good time with family and friends.


Thanksgiving Vacation

I’m off work so I can spend the rest of the week with my family. Should be a fun time, hanging out with my siblings, parents and friends.

Need to go home and pack up, then depending on how late it is, I’ll be driving across the desert of Ohio to Indianapolis. My iPod is full of several audiobooks from so I’ll probably make it through at least one during the trip back and forth. Now if only the weather behaves and other drivers don’t freak out too much.


Crisp, Clear Skies

One of the things I do like about winter-time, especially near cities, is that many night skies are beautifully clear. A little bit like this:

The downside is that it’s cold outside and to properly stargaze, you have to have time for your eyes to adjust to the dark. So, if you do go out and look at the night sky on a clear night like tonight was here in Pittsburgh, make sure to bundle up and stay warm.


Sad, Melancholy, Glad

Today just wasn’t that great of a day for many here in Pittsburgh. My emotional roller coaster has hit all the points from low to high today.


After work tonight, I found out that my grandfather died this morning. It wasn’t a particularly great shock as he’d been succumbing to alzheimers slowly over the past couple years and in the last few weeks had gotten noticeably worse. Still, I don’t think the fact that he’s gone has hit me yet.


This morning I learned that one of our favorite Pittsburgh bloggers has hung up the hat. The author of The Burgh Blog, PittGirl, had successfully stayed anonymous for the last three years but due to being discovered, she’s had to quit. She’d said from the beginning that if her anonymity ever was compromised she would stop immediately.

We’ll miss her random and somewhat snarky commentary on happenings in Pittsburgh, quirky nicknames for politicians and celebrities, hatred of pigeons and everything. Hopefully she’ll be able to start some new blog project and join the rest of the Yinz Team at Podcamps, Blogfests and other social mediæ events without fear of being unmasked.


This afternoon I was involved in conducting my first W|W content management system training. Sure I was a bit nervous, especially as I hadn’t built the site myself, but the CMS is consistent so once we began to go through its features things settled somewhat. The client was able to get how it works quickly and with a minimum of questions. At least we could start from the, “You know how to use M$ Word – you can use this” stage rather than having to begin with the, “What is this Internet you speak of?” stage. So this was pretty much the one bright event for the day.


Twitters for Week Ending 2008-11-16

  • Hello again, Monday #
  • Finally home from work. We’ll see how much writing I get done tonight. #
  • Long day so far. Lots to get done yet. #
  • Time to go home…I’m starved #
  • Middle week. More fun stuff to work on! #
  • Squeeze in a few words…then off to bed. #
  • Working. Refresh Pittsburgh tonight. #
  • On the way over to Refresh PGH. #
  • Refresh Pittsburgh is about to start. #
  • Home and back to writing. #
  • Oh, hello sun. Nice to see you too #
  • Thai lunch on the roof today. #
  • Off for a quick stop @ AiP then on to MF for this month’s PGH tweetup. #
  • Home from the gallery opening/tweetup. Gotta write. #
  • Excited…the Watchmen graphic novel is at the library waiting for me. #
  • Cold and a bit of flakes today. #