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Christmas is Coming

And now that it is after Thanksgiving, that means I’ve pulled out the Christmas music to listen to on my computer. At 1090 tracks, my Christmas playlist is a full seventh of my entire library (and I suspect I’m probably missing some to include). That’s about two and an eighth days worth of music without repeating individual tracks.

I like to use the Party Shuffle mode in iTunes so I can tweak the upcoming tracks but still be in shuffle mode. Of course there are many of the same Christmas song by different artists and groups, so I try to keep them from being back-to-back. But even if they aren’t, no big deal.

Some of my favorites are from the Indianapolis Children’s Choir (where my siblings sing), The King’s Singers, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and The Cambridge Singers. I also enjoy the early American, Renaissance, and Medieval songs. Probably my favorite Christmas song is Carol of the Bells — I count fifteen different versions in my iTunes— like this rendition by The Bird and The Bee:

What’s yours?

Snowflakes from Barkley’s cool Make-a-Flake.



Hopefully it’s no secret that I really enjoy classical music. I studied piano for more than ten years and took various classes in composition, counterpoint, conducting and choral singing during high school. I’ve been slacking on the active playing of music recently but I’m hoping to remedy that sooner or later. Some of my favorite music is classified as baroque but I also like early American choral music. Composers such as J.S. Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, and William Billings would be included in my list of favorites.

A few days ago I finished the most recent audio book/podiobook I’d started. Since I haven’t decided whether to begin another or just wait till my next trip home to Indiana, I’ve been listening to music. Very occasionally, I’ll switch from my iPod to listen to the radio. For some reason yesterday, I turned on the radio which I typically keep tuned to WQED, a (the?) local NPR/classical radio station here in Pittsburgh. The Saturday afternoon program is opera, and while not an opera connoisseur, I’m always up to listening to something different occasionally.

The morning program on Sunday is all baroque so I definitely left it on for my drive to church. And since I remembered that the 10pm to midnight program is titled Pipedreams which focuses on pipe organs, I just left it on all day for my ride back and forth. Tonight after Bible study I missed the first portion of the Pipedreams program but was able to listen to a good portion of it as I drove a friend to CMU in Oakland and then headed home to Millvale.

I’ve always found pipe organs interesting. I think it has to do with the power of the instrument as well as the variety of sounds it can produce. There can also be a bit of intimidating factor with organs having at least two keyboards, foot pedals and many knobs to select which pipes are used. One time I had a chance to attend a program offered by one the Organists Guild (I think that’s right) where interested students would spend a day at one of the local churches, examine and get the opportunity to try playing the two organs. It was a fun experience, even though not being anywhere near an expert pianist I got nervous and fumbled a bit through the piece I’d brought with me.

The church I attend only has a capella singing, so no instruments at all during services. But because of my affinity and like of pipe organs, my mother has teased me that I will probably end up getting married in some other church building so that I can have a real pipe organ for the music. We’ll see what happens when/if I get to that point.



This is my three-hundredth post here on my blog. Sure it’s not as amazing as 500 or 1000 or some other fantastic number, but I’ve been writing here for a while nonetheless. Besides the movie 300 was totally over the top (particularly when viewed in IMAX). And now, what to say for today? I thought I might put a list of my top three-hundred artists overall by number of tracks played from but decided to divide by ten instead.

Out of 107,000 tracks played (and submitted), my Top 30 Artists Overall

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4897 Nickel Creek
3327 Mannheim Steamroller
2520 Rascal Flatts
2363 Hayley Westenra
2217 Sean Watkins
2203 Thomas Newman
1900 Hans Zimmer
1817 Howard Shore
1677 Johann Sebastian Bach
1590 Chris Thile

Now What? Music

Last time I asked, “Now what?” on Twitter, someone said, “Dance!” Hmmm. What to write about now? I know: music. This evening I decided to sit down and play for a while on the piano as I was waiting for laundry to run. Haven’t done that for quite a long time. I’m fairly rusty, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. Played through a few pieces that I used to know fairly well, and then sight-read a couple pieces in my newest Dennis Alexander book.

Last night a friend was talking about the tradition her family has of giving/receiving a Christmas CD at Thanksgiving. Her family likes Christmas music…and I mentioned that mine does too. I’m pretty sure that I have all/almost all of our CDs ripped to my computer. The playlist that contains them would allow me to play Christmas music for 1.8 days without repeating the same track twice!

About 10 years ago, (wow, was it that long ago?) I took a number of music theory and composition classes. Mostly because I want to see what happens when I attach an MP3, here’s an invention I composed in counterpoint class: Invention 1 I really enjoyed learning about how to write music, but it isn’t quite my forté. Maybe a hobby. That’s why I’m in web programming.