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I’m Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a few things I’m thankful for:

  • My car that lets me get back and forth from work and my apartment as well as home to Indianapolis
  • My family
  • All my friends in Pittsburgh and Indianapolis
  • My job that helps pay the bills and that I learn new things every day

Hope your thanksgiving was a good time with family and friends.


Short Vacation

It was a great time at home. Spending time with my siblings and grandparents. Catching up with some friends a little.

Drove back to Pittsburgh in the fog and rain, though with no incident. Along the way, I finished One for Sorrow, Two for Joy. Nice book. Certainly worth checking out the Disney movie that’s supposed to be forthcoming as well as the sequel once the author is done with it. Essentially a classically styled fantasy tale about how a robin helps to defeat the evil taking over their land. The book is set roughly in England/Scotland (but never specifically mentioned). The hero is sent out on the quest to convince the falcons, eagles and sea birds to help the smaller birds drive out the magpies, crows, etc. trying to eliminate the various small species of birds. In the second half, a delegation travels to the mainland to ask the birds there to come over and help repopulate the country.

For a book which began life as stories told to the author’s sons at bedtime, the novel came out quite well. A fun ‘read’…well listen.